Precision Glass Components

The Technical Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials supplies a range of glass products worldwide, including precision glass tubing, rods and components for hermetically sealed packages, using proprietary glass forming processes.

Glass based ceramic components

These glass components are used in miniature fuse bodies, lenses for photo transistors, glass-to-metal seals used in IC packages, Erasable/Programmable Read Only Memory (EPROM) and Read Only Memory (ROM) glass lenses.

Our glass products fall into three categories:

Our glass manufacturing operations

We make glass tubing and rod using ‘direct draw’ and ‘redraw’ techniques.

The 'direct draw' process allows us to manufacture small quantities of glass tubing and rod to very precise tolerances and in a wide range of coloured and opaque glass. Much of our 'direct draw' output is tubing used to make glass-to-metal sealing beads.

Using the 'redraw' process we make large quantities of continuously formed, clear glass tubing or rod which is then cut into a variety of different sizes.

  • Glass tubing and rod are made to .150" (3.81mm) maximum outside diameter (OD). Large diameters with small bores are possible, such as .100" (2.54mm) OD x .010" (.254mm) internal diameter (ID)
  • Typical tolerances range from ±.001" (.025mm) to .003" (.075mm) OD and ID depending on size. Actual tolerances are quoted individually
  • Glass tubing is diamond saw cut to length. Beads for glass-to-metal seals are normally cut to tolerances of ±.002" (.05mm) for small lengths and ±.003" (.075mm) for lengths ? inch (12.7mm) or longer. Score and break cutting is also available to .015" (.381mm) tolerance

Glasses can be formulated for unusual applications such as sealing to alloys or ceramics.

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