Alumina Loaded Glass - Hybralox

We have developed a series of hybrid Alumina loaded glasses to deliver improved hardness, strength and high thermal conductivity, compared to standard sealing glass. This thermally conductive series of glasses is sold under the trade name of Hybralox?.

We use the unique properties of our Hybralox? alumina loaded glasses in a range of different applications. The high thermal conductivity of the glass makes it particularly useful in circumstances where more traditional, less thermally conductive sealing materials would not cope.

As well as improved thermal conductivity in sealing applications, Hybralox??also provides distinct benefits over other alumina ceramics. Hybralox? is self-glazing and can also be metallised meaning that the costs of tooling piece parts can be reduced. We also use our Hybralox? pre-forms in a range of integrated circuit seal applications in both glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal varieties.

Hybralox? thermally conductive glass is available in four grades:

The Hybralox? 5000 Series can seal to itself or to Kovar directly without metallisation.

The Hybralox? 6000 Series can be used to seal Kovar to alumina bases.

The Hybralox? 7000 Series is used to seal Kovar to alumina bases and also in Kovar to Kovar sealing applications.

The Hybralox? 9000 Series has been specially formulated for use within compression seals.

Hybralox? high thermal conductivity glass products have been developed by our engineers to provide the properties needed for a range of demanding environments. If you would like to find out how our thermally conductive glasses could be appropriate in your market specific application, contact us today.